Are we solving the correct problem?

-We recognized a problem. that problem regards people that are struggling to creat meaningful romantic relationship.

-The problem is that in her book Sophia Dambling talks about the difficulty of finding meaningful relationship, yet she adds that eventually the relationship would arrive and be even better then other couples.

-Social media has helped many shy people overcome their fear and create meaningful connections with others.
-Also apps have been proven effecive as in 2\3 of the users were able to find relationships and social connection by using the dating websites and apps.


what we discovered in our interviews?

We interviewed many people and the main conclusion is that people would like to meet naturaly. Some people are satisfied by the digital solutions exsisting yet some still can’t find solution to their problem. people want to meet in person and not throgh throght apps only. this generation don’t know anymore how to talk in person and not use a computer of cellular app in order to do so. We would like to change that and make frontal interacions the key again in order to provide our users with meaningful new connections. We want to create the potantial also for people that are not searching for romantic relationships and provide new and exciting connections for all.


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