Meet our persona





1. Persona Description

Name: Neta

Age: 25

Location: Kibut'z Nahshonim

Job: Freelance web designer/ builder, works from home, high technical comfort

Biography: Neta lives with his mother. His days start by serving breakfast for his mother and

himself. He enjoys playing D&D with his friends and working on his websites. He is very

passionate about his job, and is known as very likable among his friends who always try to

meet him up with girls, but usually he refuses because of his insecurity and shyness.

2. Top Customer Needs/Challenges

o Desire for a long term relationship with a person, which includes developing an

intimate, caring and loving interaction.

o Meeting naturally

o Embarrassed in creating a random interaction with the opposite sex due to lack of

experience. As well as fear of the frontal reaction of the opposite sex.

3. Supporting Quotes

Usually when you go out in a bar you see most of people's eyes in their phone, no eye

contact, I guess that’s why its easier to start a conversation with someone you dint know

behind the screen;

;I imagine that my next date will come from being in a social interaction meeting with friends.

I would like the introduction/interaction between us to be unplanned and develop on its own, as naturally as possible;.

4. Existing solutions or substitutes

o Media : Facebook, dating websites, meeting applications (Tinder)

o Social events : Going out to a bar/restaurant , social events at work, participating

different activities ( salsa, yoga , gym )

5.  How might we create an easy unembarrassed way to perform a frontal interaction between two foreign people.






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