Our first 2 user testings

In order to check our temporary prototype we placed a cardboard box in the middle of the lobby of the enteranship building in the IDC campus.
We sat aside and watched people approaching. the data from that test appears in the following table:

while a guy is speaking with the participents:

the item calls people to approach it the item waits for people to approach it the item does something only when a group of people interacts with it
the item calls for a girl with red bag:
she hesitats and talks to it from a distant.

the item tries to convince her to come closer . eventually she does. she cooprates when he advices her which tea she should get in the cafeteria.

she says she would like to explore this item. she comes closer. they try to understand where the voice is coming from, and she touches the item. they want to shame hands with the item. when asked if she would like to meet some one intresting she reacts with intrest. everybody cooprates with the item, she was intrested all along.

people around are looking and listening. people are taking pictures and videos of the scene.


the item calls for 3 guys to approach but they refuse.

while a girl is talking to the participants through the item:

the item calls people to approach it the item waits for people to approach it the item works only after a group of people interacts with it.
people pass by and ignores her when the item calls them. they look at the item but do not interact. a guy touches the item yet doesn’t react to her voice.

a girl is looking tring to figure if there is a person inside the item.

girls are looking from a distance.

one of the proffessors was surprised to hear the item calling her name.

people saying it’s the big brother.


creating interaction asking for a certain action.

a chulk board

playing sounds to guess the name of a song.

speaker and mic inside the object.

user testing number two :

the object is black with many colorful squre pieces pressing them creates sound.

people approached only after the team approached and played with the object. maybe they were shy or didn’t understant what to do with it.

people around were saying: ” I want to touch that”,” let’s get closer”, “I want to presss that”

people are approching alone then their friends are joinning.
there is always one person that leads the interaction.

when people are leaving one of us is approaching them and giving them a piece of paper with precentage of frindly and romantic match. also on that paper there is the name and number of the person whom they match with. (according to the way they pressed the squares).

reactions of people who recived the piece of paper were:

“that’s so cool”


“by what do you mean match what does that resemble?”

in the meantime one of the guys phoned shir after playing saying ” hi, iv’e just played a game saying we should be very good friends. Shir answerd that this was an exprirement , she thanked him and added that next time it would be a real precentage.


  1. the object should be upgraded
    2. maybe chack how patience people have infront of the object.



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