User flow

4 Steps Flow

1 – the user is in front of the object

the users activity: infront of the object pressing all sorts of buttons, lights.

the object: producing sound or a song according to the user’s pattern of presses.

the goal at this point is to gather information about the user.

2. the user finishes the intercation with the object.

the objects activity:
the object prints a paper with precentage of match between one user to another (friendship or romantic).

3. the user is heading home or on his way
the user activity: the papaer has a QR code
the user scans the code into his cellphone.
after scanning he can see on the website all the details on which the match is based upon.

4. interaction with a new friend

user activity:
meeting with that new person
the website would give them options foe meeting places and time.



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