User scenario



age 25-30
lives in the center of israel
has social connections
active in social media and apps


during the day at the campus . when the user has free time at lunch, standing at the area of the cafeteria.


this is an environmental object that learns from the environment, the object scans and recognizes people within a few cm. the data about the user is thrived from a cellular app approved by the user that provides info like favorite music and personal data like photos and facebook profile of the user. the object can be found in many places around campus.

Interaction with system

-Nati is at campus , the object recognizes a group of people not talking to each other. it will take a photo of their faces and add them to the bodies off dancing figures in order to gain attention. it askes people to download the app in order to get to know them better.
-after a user downloads the app it requires premission to use info like facebook profile data, music, places they had visited, food etc.

-when Nati is passing by next the object, the object recognizes Nati by his prefrences. In case there is someone else that likes the same things as Nati near by the object for instance would start to play a song they both like.

-in order to notify them this is not some random music playing software the object would say ” You are not the only one who likes this song!”

-also the users cellphone would recieve notification about their favorite song playing.

Happy ending

Our user leaves campus after axperiencing a random fun experience.
they meet new people and the intercation itself with the system is surprising and fun.

our 3 main leading guidlines:

  1. Serendipity
  2. creating activism
  3. nutral environment



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