Whats coming up next?

This world that we are trying to create is involving the use of several technologies. The first one will be the software “Unity”. That will allow us to code the backgrounds of this virtual world and provide our users to choose the location of the date – The top of the Eiffel Tower or either a quiet beach on Whitsundays of Australia.

The second technology is the suit that our users need to wear – “Perception Neuron” by Noitom. This suit is built from many sensors that reading our body language and translate it to a software that imitate it. On last SunRecently we decided that we want to create something bigger than what we have planned. We agreed that we need to be more specific in the problem we’ve been trying to solve. Therefore, we came back to the idea of Dating. We want something that will simply be a change, which will raise the chances for love and for the ability to have first impression in frontal meetings in our lives and not in front of a screen.

In this era of digital world, we thought about the option to combine today’s technology in order to create something that was almost vanished – face to face dating. Our idea is to create a world of Virtual Reality, where all people look like themselves, and can be heard with their voice. In this world, they will be able to go for live dating with whom they choose and have the perfect date of their dreams.

day, we met Jaki that showed us how it works and gave us all the information we need to know about it. Here are some pictures from that day:

IMG_2996 (1)




The third technology is the software “Fuse” that allows us to create the characters of our users. In order for us to create the world as real as possible, we want to make sure, that when the user is in a date with someone, his appearance will be as accurate as possible. This way, our users can also feel they can trust the system and not been lied.



The forth and last technology, is the one that we are still trying to find. This is the ability to translate our facial expressions to the virtual world. One option that we need to examine is a recommendation of Jaki for software called “FaceShift”.

On top of the different technologies that we’ve been examine, we also collected a lot of academic articles and researches about Virtual reality and the use of avatars.



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