Recent thoughts about the interaction

We have realized that our 3 main guidlines had to change along with our pivot from “ADOEETE” to the VR -content solution to the problem.
our solution is no longer environmental , it is based upon a shared goal and humor that creates greater motivitation for further interactions.
Along with interactions the user gets to unlock new locations , that motivates his to succsessfully finish the task recieved in cooperation with his or hers fellow partner to the interaction.
We changed our guidlines to suit this new solution :

3 Guidelines

  1. Serendipity 
  2. Motivation 
  3. Shared goal 


  • lives in the center of Israel
  • age 25-30
  • has a job
  • has social connections
  • active in social networks
  • owns VR equipment


On any hour of the day when the user has free time at home


VR content that can be downloaded, asks for promotion for camera, microphone, physiological measurements access. When downloaded a wristlet will be delivered to the user’s house that measures heart beat.      

Interaction with system.  

  • Nati sits at home alone and he has some free time, he had purchased the cite-c technology online and is excited to use it. Nati puts on his VR glasses and enters the virtual world. He chooses the location in which he would like to experience his date. A random partner chose by the system appears in the location next to Nati. They receive a certain task that has to be achieved in order to unlock a new location\feature. The session lasts 5 min, at the end they get to choose whether they would like to share their facebook profile, or add the partner to favorites.


Happy ending

The user feels comfortable to interact with others in VR platforms and in real life as well. He gets a confident boost and has the potential for meaningful connections.


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